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Trends and ideas for your bachelorette party.

The commitment has been fixed, it is time to start with all the preparations for the big day: your wedding. An entire experience to create an event to share it with your loved ones and start a new life.

But there is one event that you should not neglect: your bachelorette party. This celebration where your best friends and women in your family will have a moment to remember, to live a unique experience and accompany you on your last days as a bachelorette. 

Many times the task of organizing the bachelorette party is entrusted to the maid of honor. This is a highly expected part of the wedding festivities. So whether you are a maid of honor in distress, or a future bride you need inspiration.

These are 5 trends that can give you ideas to incorporate to have a great time, whether you would like a more conservative event or create a more daring celebration.


Trend 1: Take a class. 

Gathering bride's friends and taking a class of some kind, is a very simple and special way to spend a unique and entertaining moment. It is important to look for something the bride likes, or something she always wanted to learn. Some ideas: pool dance, cooking class, wine or beer tasting, mixology, screen printing or jewelry design. Creativity is the limit here.


Trend 2: Mixed parties. Bachelor + Bachelorette Party. 

It is not uncommon for couples to have many friends in common and have inseparable friends of both sexes. So a mixed bachelor party is an incredible choice. It is a good alternative to go out for a weekend with friends, rent a country house, create a themed party, always double fun with double guests.


Trend 3: Design a cocktail.

One of the most chic trends for bridal showers is the creation of a special and unique cocktail inspired by either the bride or the couple. It is a very original way to celebrate and this can be applied to any type of celebration that you have in mind. The best thing is that: Why stop serving after the bachelor party? You can also serve it at the wedding and of course, give it a very original name.


Trend 4: Create your own Hashtag.

It is always a problem, when there is a celebration that all the attendees take pictures and after it is very difficult to collect them all. It is a great idea that from the beginning of the festivities to create a #Hashtag either for the couple with photos put together of the farewells and the wedding, or a special one for each event. It is a way to share photos and create memories in real time.


Trend 5: Incredible destinations.

A girls only getaway is an option that does not fail. There are places like Formentera that have all the facilities to create an unforgettable night or weekend. Spa, outings, drinks, party, beach ... you cannot ask for more to dismiss singleton. If what interests you is a mixed farewell, this is also a very fun option to have a good time and that both your friends and the couple can disconnect and relax.


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